American guy used over 2000 components from Huaqiangbei Electronic markets to build a DIY iPhone 6s , which actually works. Former Silicon Valley programmer Scott Allen spent a year and a half in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei to go around, explore the Chinese mobile phone market, and do an iPhone 6s! The same as the real machine! He is not an Apple employee, nor does he have any internal secrets. He said that making a mobile phone is a pure white, but he uploaded his own iPhone video to YouTube this time, and there are nearly two million in a day. The amount of views. The most important thing about my brother is that he knows the market well and knows how to find cheap and quality mobile phone spare parts. He feels that the mobile phone market in Shenzhen has been thoroughly eaten by him… He found the omnipotent Huaqiang North. Start doing while doing the best. A lot of people still don’t know this place, and some people think that it is a market that specializes in producing cottage machines. In fact, the main industry of Huaqiangbei is also the production of electronic parts and assembly. Here, it is also […] read more