We provide all the services you need to have efficient access to Shenzhen electronics wholesale markets.

The advantages that Huaqiangbei Electronics Markets provide.

1. In Huaquiangbei electronics markets in Shenzhen, you can find any type of electronic components, electronic consumer products, besides electronic product development, manufacturing, and even reverse engineering.
2. The wholesale price levels in the markets are competitive compared to factory prices in small and medium quantities.
3. The markets present the latest products and developments in of China’s electronics industry and function as permanent consumer electronics exhibition.
4. Buying from Huaqiangbei Electronics Markets enables you to buy a wide assortment of electronics products and peripherals, in small and medium quantities and to ship them together in one package to save shipping costs.
5. You can design, develop and order custom products and solutions.

Why use our services.

1. We will Guide through all the electronics markets located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen.
2. We provide Professional translation and interpretation.
3. We make professional Shipping arrangements and coordination.
4. represent you aftersale requirements. Including support, product warranty etc.
5. Maintenance of your supply chain after you leave Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is known as the Silicon Valley of China, the hub of its growing array of homegrown tech titans/ The world’s greatest electronics markets are located in Huaqiangbei zone in Shenzhen, China. Multiple wholesale electronic markets located around Huaqiangbei make it a paradise for retail shoppers, developers, and merchants.

In case you Start an electronic business, Huaqiangbei market is the most important place to know in China, each year, hundreds of thousands of people make their tour to Huaqiangbei Shenzhen, where all China wholesale electronics suppliers can be found.

Seg Electronic Plaza in Huaqiangbei is the most well-known mall in Huaqiang Bei Commercial area. And the building of it is the landmark of Huaqiang Bei.
You can find there any type of electronic component, consumer products, product engineers and peripherals.
Each electronic market is packed with hundreds of independent wholesalers operating out of small stalls, and they’re all competing against each other!

You can find everything in this area of Shenzhen including surveillance systems, mobile phones, cameras, gadgets, laptops, PC’s, lcd’s, cables, accessories, batteries from brand names like Canon, Sony, Lenovo, Apple, Asus etc. You can also find OEM manufacturers.