American guy used over 2000 components from Huaqiangbei Electronic markets to build a DIY iPhone 6s , which actually works.

Former Silicon Valley programmer Scott Allen spent a year and a half in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei to go around, explore the Chinese mobile phone market, and do an iPhone 6s! The same as the real machine!

He is not an Apple employee, nor does he have any internal secrets. He said that making a mobile phone is a pure white, but he uploaded his own iPhone video to YouTube this time, and there are nearly two million in a day. The amount of views.

The most important thing about my brother is that he knows the market well and knows how to find cheap and quality mobile phone spare parts. He feels that the mobile phone market in Shenzhen has been thoroughly eaten by him… He found the omnipotent Huaqiang North. Start doing while doing the best.

A lot of people still don’t know this place, and some people think that it is a market that specializes in producing cottage machines. In fact, the main industry of Huaqiangbei is also the production of electronic parts and assembly. Here, it is also responsible for the recycling and maintenance of mobile phones. You can see Many of the tallest brands here are seen in the form of stalls.

Apple in the apple store…

Huaqiang North’s apple…

This contrast is true… But the most mysterious part of Huaqiang North is that it can not only repair apples, but also make a new apple. The foreign brothers have personally experienced this one.

First look at the foreign brother is going to buy something? The main accessories that iPhone 6s need are these four: metal backplane, screen, battery, motherboard.

I saw that the streets were all mobile phone backs, and the little brother couldn’t wait to buy one. Unfortunately, the second-hand mobile phone back panel was hurt…

Hey, go to the mall and go around. Each counter was filled with a brand new iPhone 6S backplane, and the younger brother chose a rose gold.

Only the Apple logo is too unprofessional and requires some laser logo.

Phone backplane is done!

Next is the mobile phone screen, the foreign brother casually entered a repair shop to see what screen parts can be bought, and the results are in the store! The shy clerk said that he would not speak English, but the technology and speed of the screen made the foreign brother stunned!

Heat the screen.

Remove the polarizing layer with a magical tool that uses an electric iron and razor.

Putting the screen of the mobile phone into this hot pressure screen will press the LCD screen and the glass cover together.

Then came the defoamer, which was a bit simplistic but powerful, and drove the bubbles away from the optical bonding layer in minutes.

With backlighting, the screen is complete.

The most amazing thing is that at the time of checkout, the foreign brother paid 480 yuan on WeChat, yes, this is the total price of an iPhone 6s mobile phone screen accessories and processing fees! Be aware that the accessories needed to assemble the screen are glass covers, digitizers, liquid crystal displays, backlights, optical adhesives… so many accessories.

What’s interesting is that the little brother said that he wants to make his own mobile phone. The clerk heard that there is no trace of ripples on his face. It seems that there are too many people who can play black technology in Huaqiang North.

It’s time to do the motherboard, but this time it’s not as smooth as the backboard and screen of the mobile phone. The foreign brother has experienced a lot of twists and turns. He first bought a second-hand motherboard for a few dollars, and went home to plan to solder various parts. In order to get the motherboard, he spent several weeks buying various tools and chips. The result…

He also went to a mobile phone repair school in Guangzhou to find a teacher for advice. Finally, he decided to buy a good motherboard directly, so that the assembly success rate was also high. Still returning to Huaqiang North, after choosing the motherboard, I will go home and assemble quickly.

Of course, these small parts are also needed: protective sleeves, screws, cables, speakers…

Successful assembly!

Wait… The little brother immediately found that the volume button was a bit wrong. He went back to Huaqiang North and went into a store to ask where the situation was. The clerk was a real version of Conan. Pressing the volume button twice found the problem. It turned out that this small gasket is missing!

Coupled with the box, manual, charger, headphones, a brand new iPhone 6s was born!

Can you see that it is different from the real machine? And its cost price is only $300!

In addition to the mobile phone market, it is quite convenient to buy iPhone accessories in a certain treasure. The price won the hearts of the people. It seems that saving parts can be saved by buying accessories.

Motherboard, screen, backplane, home button, camera, cable, battery… Do you have a flaw, is it filled with the satisfaction of black technology like Apple?

Here is a complete video of Xiao Ge Lu, take a look!
I only know that if the iPhone fails, the Apple store can’t disassemble the machine and repair it. It can only rely on the repair shop. I didn’t expect the technology of the repair shop to be a mobile phone. Not only do cattle have technology, but many of the parts sold by Huaqiang North also come from discarded mobile phones. These phones came here to be disassembled into parts, and then used as part of repairing another mobile phone. The life of the parts has always been here. Continued.

With the gradual popularization of technology, technology products are no longer only in the window, and everyone is no longer limited to the identity of the user. They like to do it, and can use it at a lower cost. Does the part continue to work, is it not a little environmental protection for industrial design? Just like Allen, let the recycling parts be used twice, what do you say?

Image source: Tencent video

Looking at the folk iPhone, what do you want to say?

1, the apple brother is very patient!
2, the clerk’s brother is skillful!
3. Huaqiang North is so mysterious, does Apple know?
4, you can find someone to do a mobile phone in the future, but also go to the Apple store, old expensive!
5. Find me in the comments.
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